Beautiful Replacement For Javascript’s Alert

I was looking for a stuff like which should be similar to the JavaScript’s Alert but have some cool design and effects.

Google is my best friend ;), so I decided to do some research on it and I got many of references that was good but don’t exactly what I want.

I wanted stuff similar like bootstrap modal with customized images on different functions like confirm, alert etc. Fortunately I got one reference that is “Sweet Alert” created by Tristan Edwards.

Great thing is I got exactly what I want, they’re using similar thing like bootstrap modal and have some cool effects with images on it.Here are some following cool functions supported by Sweet Alert:

1. Error Message
Error Message

You can see that popup is similar to the bootstrap Modal and great thing is its have cool error image on it and we can also change this image according to our need.
2. Basic Message

Basic Message


Its simple message with ok button, but that’s even more beautiful than default alert of the browser.

3. Success Message

Success Message


Here you can see there is cool success image on it with “ok” button we can change both heading and text according to our need.

4. A warning message, with a function attached to the “Confirm”-button

Confirmation Message Popup

Confirmed Success Popup 

That’s is my one of the favorite confirmation popup because you might know about default browser confirm function, it’s only prompt with custom text with two buttons one is ok and another one is cancel and we can’t change the text of that buttons.

But here things are different you can use custom text on buttons too. isn’t cool thing? and another benefit if this popup is after confirmation we can easily call any function but for this we have to do little more effort.

5. Custom Image

Custom Message Popup

If you don’t like above of any popup then here is another option that Custom Image and you can  customize this popup according to your need, you have cool background like bootstrap modal and you can easily customize it

I am sure,  you’re also very curious  to try this.

For demo you can visit here.

For download you will find a link on the demo page. Hope you’ll like this

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