Updates Not Being Reflected in Azure Website

In this article I will demonstrate that how we can fix issue of  “Updates Not Being Reflected in Azure Website”

Sometimes things are not in our hand and this frustrate us.

So the main question is why its happening?  Why Updates Not Being Reflected in Azure Website?

Well I also don’t know exactly why changes not being reflected on azure website and its also not happens every time, I first thought this might be due to cache, so I removed browser history and tried again but problem was still there.

This was very annoying.


So what I did. after spending some time to find out the solution, eventually I restarted my azure website and again published my changes. When I again tried to open my website and I said “Thank God” changes now being displayed correctly.

Solution was we just need to restart our azure website but this issue does not occur every time, so you don’t need to restart your website each time before publishing.

Hope this will help you 🙂



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